Overview about famous and best short seller investigators

Why I find this topic so exciting

Since 2018, I had been invested in Wirecard shares and was in the black with a nice sum. However, I lost my investment due to the fraud of mainly the then CEO Markus Braun and COO Jan Marsalek.
At the same time, I learned that people were earning a lot of money by the crash of the Wirecard share.
I thought to myself wow and started to take a closer look at the topic of short selling.

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New classy underground Tshirts

I made some new super cool Tshirts and great photos to see the amazing shirts.
All Shirts are in a very small editon of 5 shirts only.
In case someone wants a tshirt, please email me

Pictures say more than thousand words, so here we go.

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My favorite quotes

I like wise quotes. No, I even love smart and good excerpts!

Essentially, I love quotations with depth, knowledge or motivation. So I sat down and choose my favorite quotes  from around 400 quotes that I collected over the years .

They remember, inspire and strengthen me. They give you wisdom and far-sightedness. Good quotes even have a postive impact on all human beings, Read More

6 simple steps for your success

A reminder and warning to myself.

Two weeks ago when we sat comfortably together with friends, I was asked: “Martin, what do you think are the basic principles in life to succeed?”
Success is a matter of definition and many people associate success with money and wealth. I see that different:
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Series: Best Music Albums Ever
Juju Rogers – From the Life of a Good-For-Nothing (2015)

Hello friends,

Today we continue with my series “Best Music Albums Ever”. Since I am a music lover from the beginning and love all kinds of music, I present you today an incredible HipHop album.
You probably think now, that needs to be an album from the Golden Age era of the 90’s. Of course you are right, but as I am here to surprise you, I want to introduce a timless masterpiece from the underground, that not everbody knows yet.
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The Apple hype is made up and a fake

Hi Folks,

I have something honest and crazy to tell you:
Everytime when a new iPhone or new hardware product by Apple gets released and people are waiting for days in front of the apple stores, some folks even camp for days in front of an apple store, its all fake and made up. Actually these peope, who wait for days in front of a store are paid for camping. This is unbelievable, but…Read More