Series: Best Music Albums Ever
Juju Rogers – From the Life of a Good-For-Nothing (2015)

Hello friends,

Today we continue with my series “Best Music Albums Ever”. Since I am a music lover from the beginning and love all kinds of music, I present you today an incredible HipHop album.
You probably think now, that needs to be an album from the Golden Age era of the 90’s. Of course you are right, but as I am here to surprise you, I want to introduce a timless masterpiece from the underground, that not everbody knows yet.
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The Apple hype is made up and a fake

Hi Folks,

I have something honest and crazy to tell you:
Everytime when a new iPhone or new hardware product by Apple gets released and people are waiting for days in front of the apple stores, some folks even camp for days in front of an apple store, its all fake and made up. Actually these peope, who wait for days in front of a store are paid for camping. This is unbelievable, but…Read More