Our Dub Disco label slowly on the rise

Our fine Dub Disco label is almost one year old and slowly but surely there are alot of amazing things going on.

The first vinyl release is almost sold out and there are only a few records left on the Dub Disco Bandcamp Website.

Dub Disco Soundsystem Interview

Four weeks ago, we had the honor of doing a great interview with the lovely Maurice from the Indepentend-Groove magazine.

You can read the full length interview about our musical influences and future plans here:
Dub Disco Independent Groove Interview

Dub Disco Website

I managed to create a very individual, entertaining website for our Label Dub Disco , including a newsletter signup. I´m curious when we will send out the first newsletter!

A different website, which is no longer found in this form today and which speaks against all rules of today’s web design. We are on some fields a little oldschool and against the current. You do not always have to follow the latest hypes, trends and techniques. You can and should also sometimes make your own thing!

Dub Disco Website

New Mix, Dub Discodes #6

Our friend Gustav aka Mey Brother has created a super nice Dub Discodes (so called our mix series). This mix contains the finest smooth music you can not find anywhere. This is the 6th Dub Discodes in our series and you can listen to it on our website or on our Soundcloud profile.

Dub Disco Label Night

Furthermore on the 30th of September, we finally had our first own Dub Disco Label Night in the beautiful vaults of the Kulstätte Keller in Neukölln. A great club with 2 floors:
We made the booking for both floors. On the Mainfloor there was good vibes disco music and on the second floor we delivered House, Breakbeats and Electro music for the audience.

dubdisco party

We have put a lot of effort in this and even made our own decoration for uur Dub Disco Label Party.
A 15 seconds live preview you can view here:

Dub Disco 002 Vinyl

Last but not least, the second Dub Disco Vinyl with the catalog number DuDi002 is finished. The tracks are produced by our good friends S & W aka Thomas Schiller and Samuel Waldorf from the radio station Prongof108 respectively Cashmere Radio. A very interesting record, which we celebrate alot, played a lot and always like to listen to.

However, the pressing at the manufacure still needs 2-3 months and therefore the vinyl will be released in January 2017. That´s how it is when you press music on vinyl these days.
Good things take time.

You can preorder the record with at our distribution decks.de / I play vinyl.

These were the updates in musical terms and it is a lot of fun, even if it involves a lot of work. But that´s how it is and music is one of my big passions and therefore I am happy to do this.

Dub Disco Label Night

The next Dub Disco Party will take place on November 18th 2016 at Kultstätte Keller and there is fantastic lineup again:

Dub Disco Label Night

Cosmic Disco Floor

Wahid Paradis & Bærnd Anders [Camp Cosmic]

Jay [Private Records | Closing the Circle]

Aussteiger [Live | Dub Disco]

Los Wawis [Live | Camp Cosmic]

QLTR & Thorsten Lee Broda [Squat Deluxe]

House | Electro Floor

Jana Falcon & Mr.Fonk [Smile for A While]

Mey Brother & Giner [Prongof108]

Tek Taim [Duboffice]

Stay tuned and fresh!
Truely Yours

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