S&W – A Weekend Far Out – DuDi005

Hello friends,

Today is another day that I am very grateful and proud of. Thankful for great music that makes you and me melt away. Proud, as once the most beautiful Balearic Feel Good albums ever, was released on our great Dub Disco Imprint.
“A Weekend Far Out” is the name of the album and is produced by my homie and one of my best friends Thomas Schiller from S&W.
S&W also produced the second EP on Dub Disco, and now, two years later, Sammy and Thomas deliver a first-class album. I also do music and produce a lot and diligently with passion and dedication. However, I honestly have to admit that I can not yet reach this great level of sound design and songwriting skills!

The whole album works great for listening. Lie in the bathtub, in a hammock or your favorite chair or sofa and press Play.
Let yourself be enchanted by the buttery, melodious music. Every song is magical and the beautiful melodies feel so good. You can almost say you feel safe when you hear this great music.

I was really happy with the last record of Aporia + Remixes, the DuDi004, which is amazing, too, but this record is even a level smoother and deeper in my opinion.

This time we made a full color artwork for the first time. The very good illustrator Viktoria Stampfer, who has just completed her Master in Illustration, has designed a beautiful amazing artwork. Pictures say more than 1000 words::

A Weekend Far Out by S&W A weekend far out S&W backside Dub Disco DuDi005
Victoria picked a beautiful pink and
the entire artwork is super nice and consistent.

The underground music blog Sunlounge has also written a detailed review, which responds to each song exactly and describes the album wonderful:
Thesunlounge Blog review

The record is already sold out.
At Bandcamp you can still buy the album digitally:

or stream it on Spotify:
Click here to listen to A weekend far out on Spotify

It’s worth making a great, elaborate cover when releasing vinyl, even if it costs 400 Euros more in total.

Vinyl & records are something for music lovers and a great cover stands out. The chances that you listen to it in a record store is also higher when you have a great artwork made with love and passion.

Thank you for your attention.

Stay fresh and keep it easy,