Onlineshop launched

Yeah, I finally found time and focus to launch quietly and secretly my online shop Secret Clientele.
No marketing, no Facebook post, no promotion, nothing, nada. Only my friends and family know about it.
And that’s just as well!

The shop and the brand name is not for nothing called Secret Clientele, hahaha 🙂

In any case, my web shop convinces with a beautiful minimalist design and is user-friendly and just nice!
From now on you can order my super rare Underground T-Shirts professionally and conveniently in the shop. For now, you can only pay by credit card, which should also have every human being.

If not, DKB offers a free credit card with what you can withdraw money anywhere in the world for free. You need a credit card anyway when you go on vacation or traveling.

If someone orders a great shirt I’m really happy, if not, I do not mind. I know my shirts are world-class. Personally, I almost only wear my own T-shirts. They are super comfortable, have a great design and I know that only very few people wear such a great shirt. No off-the-peg product, no H & M, Jack & Jones or any other sell-out brands.

What else comes to mind. My good friend Robin Hildisch designs and sews hi-end jackets & coats for women and men. Absolutely world-class and best quality, have a look: Hidden Aces Shop

His brand name is Hidden Aces, and he puts a lot of love and passion into it.
Since I’m 100% convinced of the quality, I’ve gotten the boss coat from his collection, mega stylish coat, very comfortable and keeps nice and warm:
Martin wears Hidden Aces

In a few months I will make some new shirts again when I have 4 great designs together that I’m sure of!

Until then, order a shirt in my nice online shop!

The Dub Disco Shirts are also available from Oye Records in their online shop and in their two local shops in Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln in Berlin.

If you are in Berlin and you like records you should visit them. They are nice cosy stores with awesome friendly staff.

So stay fresh and have a great time.