Series: Best Music Albums Ever
Juju Rogers – From the Life of a Good-For-Nothing (2015)

Hello friends,

Today we continue with my series “Best Music Albums Ever”. Since I am a music lover from the beginning and love all kinds of music, I present you today an incredible HipHop album.
You probably think now, that needs to be an album from the Golden Age era of the 90’s. Of course you are right, but as I am here to surprise you, I want to introduce a timless masterpiece from the underground, that not everbody knows yet.

 “From the Life of a Good-For-Nothing sounds like the good old Golden Age and this is exactly why I love this album so much. All beats are smooth, a little filthy and naturally crafted from samples . The lyrics of Rapper Juju are deep and fresh, and I personally can identify with them. Also the raps and flows are pleasant and smooth, never obtrusive, as with so many other mcees out there. I usually prefer to listen to instrumentals and beats, but Juju Rogers just manages to draw me into his spell.

The title of the album “From the Life of a Good-for-Nothing” is translated from the German novella “Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts” that poet and writer Josef von Eichendorff wrote already in 1823. You can easily think the album is produced in New York City or Philadelphia, that´s what I thought when I listened to it for the first time. But Juju, born in Lower Franconia in Germany, his father an American soldier, chose Berlin, like me and many other musicians. And so most parts of the album were created and recorded in Berlin.

Listening to the song “Dreams” feat. Oddisee produced by JuSoul, I get goosebumps. The entire album has a golden threat and one beat after another is just marvelous beat science. Therefore I shoot out addional props to all beatmakers (Twit One, Freddy Bracker, JuSoul, Tufu, Oddisee, Bluestaeb & Kurdisch Jackson) involved on that album.

“From the Life of a Good-for-Nothing” is not only a sympathetic album title but also musically and rap technical very convincing. Timeless and warm music, feels good to listen and easily one of the best rap albums of the decade. So a huge thanks goes also out to the guys from Jakarta.

Here you can listen to all the tracks and buy the album directly via Jakarta Records on Bandcamp:

Link to Discogs for the heads: