Do the tax return yourself, super simple with smartsteuer

Everbody who is self-employed or a freelancer knows that feeling. You have to do your tax declaration and this costs a lot of time and is annoying. Even you you have an accountant, it takes time and a lot of cash. But there is another quite different and much easier way!

The Internet is a great thing, and through Google I found this amazing software that works in the browser called Smartsteuer.  I can directly enter all my revenue and expenditure without registration and any circumstantial frippery.


I used to meet with my accountant two to three times a year and submit documents etc. My accountant is a nice guy and I paid only 200,00 €, that´s still quite cheap.
I am much faster and saved money with . Furhermore I am also proud that I can do my tax return on my own!

The software in the cloud or software as a service (SaaS) leads you easily through the menu and you just have to enter your data and figures.
The tax declaration and revenue expenditure table is even integrated.

In cases you do not know how to continue or what to fill out there is a support that helps you and the FAQs (The most frequently asked questions).

Even if you are not self-employed, it is really worth to do a tax return, because you always get some money back from the state, if it is done properly.
Therefore Smartsteuer is also useful for ordinary workers.

Furthermore it saves you a lot of money. For employees Smarttax costs per tax return only 14,95 € and for self-employed persons only 29,90 €.

If you do your tax declaration with this software in the following year again, you can even save addionally 10.00 € when you are self-employed.
After you completed your tax return and sent it digitally to the tax office, you get a coupon code for 10 € by email which you can use for next year.

This is really a good thing and I can only recommend this easy to use software that can be run directly in the browser.


Usually it is not my style to promote a tool like this in such a way. But in this case if I can save so much time, money and energy, it really makes me happy to write about it and promote this software!

Check it out, yo 🙂

Note:  Smartsteuer is only for residents in Germany. But I am sure, there is similar software for your country available too.

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