f.lux – Essential for everybody who works on the computer!

Today I need to introduce you a very useful free software tool without I could not live anymore.

Frankly, I’m still shocked how little people don´t know and don´t use this world-class tool called f.lux

When I look on a screen on which f.lux is not running, I find it relatively hard to look longer than 60 minutes on this monitor, especially when the dawn has begun or when it is dark outside. The concentration decreases and I feel exhausted much faster.

But why, what the heck is this only 583KB small software program doing that runs in the background of your operation system?

Simple but ingenious:
f.lux automatically adjusts the screen brightness to the daytime. When it is dark outside, the screen brightness gets darkened and dives into feel good warm orange tones.

The display no longer acts as artificial light but has a pleasant effect on your eyes. This way you can concentrate much longer and easier.

Better yet f.lux adapts to the brightness of the room you are currently in.

Here you can download f.lux on the manufacturer’s site for free:
Get f.lux

flux passt die Helligkeit des Bildschirms an

The best thing about it, f.lux is available for each operating system for FREE:
Whether Mac, Linux or Windows computer for each platform there is a version.

Even for tablets running on iOS, there is this useful tool as an app from the Apple Store.
Since March 2016 f.lux is finally available for tablets running on Android 5.x and 6.x in the Google Play Store.

It is super easy to install, You just have to download and install it.
The software automatically calculates your loaction and the position of the sun and time.
At night, the screen looks nice and warm. During the day when the sun shines the display gets light and bright.

If you sometimes have trouble falling asleep and sitting much on the computer or on your tablet, you don´t need to be surprised.

In the default settings, the light of the display is set to daytime brightness.

Your eyes and so your brain thinks it is daytime. Thus it may happen when you want to sleep you can not find sleep easily. Especially if you looked on your tablet longer or been working on your computer before sleeping.

Therefore I highly recommend you to install “f.lux”.

Personally f.lux helped me a lot, it has changed my life to the positive!

I am very grateful and thank my good friend and world-class producer & dj Thomas from S&W (soundcloud.com/s-and-w) 1000-fold that he showed me this useful program more than 2 years ago.

Here you can download f.lux on the manufacturer’s site for free:

Get f.lux and have a better life!