Series: Best Music Albums Ever
Fat Freddys Drop – Based on a true story (2005)

Hello friends and dear readers,

today I want to introduce my series of “Best Music Albums Ever”: We start with an incredible band from New Zealand named Fat Freddy’s Drop

Their debut album “Based on a true story” from 2005, is in my opinion one of the best albums ever. It conveys a good mood, the music is relaxed and a pure listening pleasure. The mix of Dub, Reggae, Downbeat, Soul and Funk makes it an incredibly good mix. Even the beautiful vocals of Joe Dukie adapts wonderfully to the easy going, yet powerful rhythms.

Here you can listen to the whole album. It is also nice to listen when working at the computer,

Meanwhile, the band has published 7 albums of which are all incredible good.
I don´t know any other band on this planet who achieved to release 7 wonderful albums.
However, my favorite album is still the debut album “Based on a True Story”!

What’s your favorite album or do you even have a favorite track? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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