10 reasons why OPC is a panacea

I’m still flabbergasted how little people know about OPC (Oligomeric proanthocyanidins)
in English also known as “grape seed extract”.

OPC is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It is 15 times stronger than vitamin C
and 40 times stronger than vitamin E.

Grape seed extracts are among the anti-aging miracle drugs of the very first class. Grape seeds stuck full of OPC!.

That is why OPC helps against almost all diseases and prevents illness and premature aging..

Most people never heard about OPC and one of the reasons is that the media and the pharmaceutical industry remain silent about it.

Otherwise almost the entire population would have a good chance to live with less diseases and stay longer healthy into great age.

Cough and sneeze and all those little diseases forever farewell and goodbye. Is that possible:

Yes it is possible and even quite simple! But Yo, let’s start from the beginning:

OPC – the extract of grape seeds helps against many more illnesses than you would ever guess!

Actually, this is hard to believe when you hear about this for the very first time:

#1 OPC helps against all types of skin problems and allergies:

With regular use over months and years it has been proven by many people that your skin problems are reduced or disappear completely, including:

Neurodermatitis, skin allergies, acne, varicose veins and swelling. Even allergies such as hay fever and allergic reactions in pet hair and insect bites can be prevented.

#2 OPC slows aging:

OPC prevents the formation of wrinkles! You can avoid premature aging.

You are feeling more healthy, looking longer young and fresh. The building of elastin is boosted and thus the renewal of cell tissue are accelerated.

Folds can be prevented and even minimize the existing wrinkles in best cases. Furthermore the antioxidant effect protects cells from destruction and thus the aging.

#3 OPC is great for your skin:

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins makes your skin supple and smooth. Similar like regularly going to the sauna.

Because OPC stimulates the development of healthy tissues and tightens the skin. Therefore OPC prevents cellulite and helps allegedly even in the fight against hemorrhoids.

#4 OPC prevents cancer and even fights cancer cells:

Hard to believe, but the power of grape seed extract prevents the growth of malignant tumors.

The formation of lung cancer cells, colon cancer cells, breast cancer cells and gastric cancer cells are inhibited.

During a cancer, the cancer cells are even fought. By taking OPC, the success rate is 30% – 50%  higher that the cancer can be defeated.

But it is smarter to take OPC before you get cancer or another diseases.

#5 OPC for razor sharp vision and healthy eyes

With regular consumption of OPC over years you’ll never have to wear glasses, because it improves your vision. Glasses and contact lenses goodbye, opticians Adé..

#06 OPC helps against pain within the period and menstrual cramps of all kinds:

In a study some years ago, 80% of all participating women had after 4 months of regular use of OPC significantly less or barely complaints. Whether it concerned usually pain, inappetence, mood swings, tiredness or headaches.

If you are a girl or woman and have symptoms in your monthly bleeding, do yourself a favor and try OPC at least 6-8 months. I bet this helps you!

# 07 OPC prevents heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary infarction and thrombosis:

By taking OPC the storage of blood lipids is suppressed in the arteries and thus reduce your cholesterol. In Germany alone recipes for lowering the cholesterol are issued by over 1 million euros a year.

No wonder that OPC is concealed, otherwise the pharmaceutical industry no longer had its big recurring profits. The pharmaceutical industry needs sick people to survive, I hope you are conscious about this.

# 08 OPC makes your hair beautiful and prevents hair loss:

Through OPC the blood circulation in the head and scalp area is . This stimulates your hair growth and prevents hair loss.

#09 OPC makes you smarter:

The introduction of anti-oxidative processes in the body and in the brain and the resulting improved circulation of your luxury body and your brain is increasing your ability to concentrate and your intelligence.

The declining erectile function in the old age and lack of concentration are thus prevented!

## 10 OPC prevents fever, migraine, asthma, cold hands and feet, impotence and even Parkinson:

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) is the miracle cure #1. The media and pharmaceutical industries keep this great product as a secret of course.

Therefore it is probably true, that you do not know about this great remedy !?

I can not go into all the benefits of OPC in this blog article as this is beyond the scope.

However, since you are certainly smart enough, you should inform yourself and read more about it.

Of course the pharmaceutical industry has also commissioned blog articles that tell bad things about OPC and that it does not help. But this is not true!

If everybody would use OPC almost the all humanity would be fresh, cheerful and healthy. And that would be a no-go for the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore the best thing you can do is to try OPC yourself for 6-12 month.

If you do not feel better after one year of consuming OPC and all you aches and pains are not gone away, you still can stop taking it.

But I tell you, OPC is a game changer.

The biggest supporter of the OPC scene in Germany is the good old Robert Franz from Würzburg.

His lectures and his charisma are immensely sympathetic. He even goes so far and wants to help humanity that he says:

“Crucify me, but give all people and all folks OPC!”

Here you can check out one of his great lectures and recognize the wisdom of this great man:



Of course there are many vendors of OPC on the market, especially on Amazon:

Thus, I have tested a lot of products, but the best value for money offer these 2 products I consume myself:


These are also the two test winners, see the screenshot below:

The right box of OPC on the picture I can recommended, a little more, since the prescribed amount is only one capsule a day. The left OPC on the pic the proposed amount is 2 capsules per day.


If you know OPC already and you experienced positive or negative things with it, please let me know in the comments.

I’m curious. I have not met anyone yet who consumes OPC regularly and has made negative experiences with it.

Warmest Regards,
Stay fresh!
Truely Yours,