Meaning of the different colors of the puke vomit and the different types of purge from Kambo

Kambo Erbrochenes

In a Kambo treatment, the term “purge” refers to the intense bodily response that most individuals experience after the application of Kambo’s secretion onto the skin. The purge and healing typically involves usually 6 different types while vomiting is the most common.

Six types of purge, cleansing, healing and letting go in a Kambo Ceremony from most common to less often:

#1 Vomiting / Puking

#2 Bowel movements

#3 Sweating

#4 Shaking / Shivering / Trembling

#5 Crying

#6 Yawning

#7 Laughing

#8 Kambo Bliss

My third Kambo treatment was my most exhausting but also most healing session. There I was sitting on the toilet and have been shitting, puking and sweating altogether at the same time and thru this strong purge a super powerful healing happend. While sitting there on the toilet in the bathroom a kind of rebirth was going on with myself.

As puking happens in 80% of all Kambo sessions, the colors of the purge vary a lot. The color and nature of the purge are considered significant by most practitioners and participants in the ceremony.

Different colors of the purge are believed to have various symbolic meanings or interpretations, and these can vary between different traditions and practitioners. However, most Kambo practitioners agree that the colors of the purge may be associated with the following interpretations:

Symbolizing the release of negative energy, toxins, or emotional burdens.

Suggesting the cleansing of the gallbladder and liver, associated with physical detoxification.

Thought to represent the cleansing of the stomach, intestines, and kidneys, and may be associated with digestive cleansing.

Some practitioners associate red with the cleansing of the circulatory system and the release of pent-up emotions or trauma.

White or Clear:
Indicating the purification of the respiratory system and a sense of clarity or lightness.

Foam represents the purification of the lungs. Especially smokers have much more foam in the purge than non-smokers.

85% of the people who participate in a Kambo Ceremony puke and vomit. However, even if you do not vomit you still receive a big healing due to the peptides that are going into your blood and body.

The focus of Kambo treatment is often on the overall purification and cleansing of the body, both physically and spiritually. If you are considering Kambo treatment, it’s crucial to seek guidance from trained and experienced practitioners who can provide a safe and supportive environment during the ceremony. Additionally, remember that individual experiences may differ, and not everyone will experience the same colors or intensity of the purge.

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