Party all night - fresh and fit in the morning

Party all night and fit in the morning, is that possible?

Working as a freelancer at the cool startup called Sellics, I randomly discovered an interesting product called Hang & Over – Abends feiern, Morgens fit (Hang & Over – Party in the evening, fit in the morning)

Wow, that sounds interesting I thought. Drinking alot of alcohol and being fit again in the morning, how should that work…

As I talked to the guys from the company on the phone anyway, I asked them if I can try out their product and experience if it really works. The nice boss Jonathan said yes and send me a package including 10 capsules.

Some days later the small parcel arrived. Cool design and well made I thought when unpacking.

Some weeks later I tested the product on a private birthday party.

As I can not stand much alcohol and I am not harddrinking, I was super drunk with four 0,5 liter Augustiner beer and two Jägermeister shots.

When I came home around 3:00 am,  I took the powder and poured it into a 0,5-glass with tap water and dissolved the white powder in it.

It tasted very delicious, it has its very own taste, I can hardly defined it (maybe some grapefuit, just fresh and good).

At 9.00 am the next morning I took as planned the powder, dissolved it in a 0.5 liter of water glass and drank it.

4 weeks later, I drank quite the same amount of alkohol again as on the birthday party before (this time 2 shots of Tequilla not Jägermeister) and tested the product for the second time.

I got to admit, Abends feiern, Morgens fit (Hang & Over – Party in the evening, fit in the morning) really works.

I definitely felt fitter and better. I still had a bit of a hangover feeling, but not nearly as strong as I would have felt without taking the resolved powder-water mix!

If I am usually 100% fresh and only got 20-30% freshness with a hangover, Hang & Over  helps you to be at least 60% -80% fresh and fit again.

Alltogether I can definetly recommend the product Hang & Over – Abends feiern, Morgens fit from the young guys from Düsseldorf – Germany. For sure I will use it here and then.

So I say thank you to the team from the Sejomi enterprise (the manufacture of the product), especially Jonathan, Patrick, Kevin und Leon.

Here is a nice to read PDF document, that shows the people and the story behind the Hang&Over creation.

Download:  Hang&Over_PDF


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