The Apple hype is made up and a fake

Hi Folks,

I have something honest and crazy to tell you:
Everytime when a new iPhone or new hardware product by Apple gets released and people are waiting for days in front of the apple stores, some folks even camp for days in front of an apple store, its all fake and made up. Actually these peope, who wait for days in front of a store are paid for camping. This is unbelievable, but…

You dont believe that? Of course you dont, but here is the proof:

I found this recently in a Berlin Facebook group and was fast enough to take two screenshots.  Of course, the ad was deleted after 20minutes.
Those ads say, that apple instructs other enterprises to search and pay for people who camp for days in front of an apple store. These enterprises pay for three days camping 150 EUR, thats even not the minimum wage, insane!
What a shame and nobody knows that or writes about it, what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment.

Honestly, Apple was the best enterprise in the world as long as Steve Jobs was the there. But since Steve Jobs died, Apple got worse every year and meanwhile the new products all have big bugs and there is no innovation anymore, just my opinion!

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