Our Dub Disco label slowly on the rise

Our fine Dub Disco label is almost one year old and slowly but surely there are alot of amazing things going on. The first vinyl release is almost sold out and there are only a few records left on the Dub Disco Bandcamp Website.

10 reasons why OPC is a panacea

Friends! I’m still flabbergasted how little people know about OPC (Oligomeric proanthocyanidins) in English also known as “grape seed extract”. OPC is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It is 15 times stronger than vitamin C and 40 times stronger than vitamin E.

Dub Delay Reverb & Ego is the Enemy Tshirt

Tshirts Dub Delay Reverb Ego is the Enemy

The world seems sometimes to turn its crazy wheels. It´s been 15 fuckin´ years I wanted to do some dope ass t-shirts. But I always pushed it away from me. I remember exactly how it was sitting with an old friend

Party all night and fit in the morning, is that possible?

Party all night - fresh and fit in the morning

Working as a freelancer at the cool startup called Sellics, I randomly discovered an interesting product called Hang & Over – Abends feiern, Morgens fit (Hang & Over – Party in the evening, fit in the morning) Wow, that sounds interesting I thought. Drinking alot of alcohol and being fit again in the morning, how should that work…

Our Label Dub Disco first Vinyl Release

Aussteiger Dub Disco Vinyl

I am so fuckin´ proud. Our super fine 180g vinyl is finally out.  3 dope tracks that sound warm and very nice on vinyl. Actually a dream came true, cause the best and most

Do the tax return yourself, super simple with smartsteuer


Everbody who is self-employed or a freelancer knows that feeling. You have to do your tax declaration and this costs a lot of time and is annoying. Even you you have an accountant, it takes time and a lot of cash. But there is another quite different and much easier way!

Series: Best Music Albums Ever
Quantic – The 5th Exotic (2001)

Today I write about music again, my series of my favorite music albums ever continues. This time I present you the grand debut “The 5th Exotic” from 2001 by the master of all classes, mulit-instrumentalist, producer, dj and remixer named William Holland better known as “Quantic”.

Series: Best Music Albums Ever
Four Tet – There Is Love in You (2009)

It is time again to introduce you a musical masterpiece. Today we dive into the world of one of my favorite producer Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet from London. An exceptional musician and sample specialist. His music is so buttery soft, emotional, yet powerful, that it feels partly like magic on some of his tracks.

6 simple steps for your success

A reminder and warning to myself. Two weeks ago when we sat comfortably together with friends, I was asked: “Martin, what do you think are the basic principles in life to succeed?” Success is a matter of definition and many people associate success with money and wealth. I see that different: